DTV 1.0

Drive contactless charity donations with dynamic video and audio based interactive shop windows and P.o.S.


The charity sector is an extremely competitive space not helped with the current uncertain economic climate, making the monthly charity subscriptions more challenging.

People are carrying less cash, therefore spontaneous cash based micro-donations are falling.

Contactless payments are now the preferred method of payment and therefore charities are turning to contactless micro-donations as part of their post-Covid strategy.


Over the last two years we’ve been developing various technologies in partnership with contactless donation hardware specialists such as Goodbox. The DVT is a small PCB that can be plugged into the Goodbox contactless charity donation box in order to trigger audio and video cues.

  • Use attractor video loops and sounds
  • Detect interest with the IR sensor kit and trigger an emotional engagement video
  • Detect donations and trigger thank you videos
  • Create engaging experiences which drive repeat donations

Compact, lightweight and simple to install, DTV provides charities with aN INNOVATIVE platform TO encourage contactless payments, reward donations and deliver a brand experience.

DTV render showing power input, HDMI output, contactless donation point input, PIR sensor input and setup and test function buttons


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