Interactive Business Cards Custom Electronics Design and Build


We're always looking to help our clients solve the challenges that they face. As an internal project, we set ourselves a brief to create a business card that combines creativity and fun, with a unique method of brand communication. How could we help clients stand out from the crowd by generating excitement and enjoyment?


We wanted to design a product that triggered intrigue through it's originality. We believe simple pleasures can often be the most memorable, so providing users with a game of some sort seemed to give us our stand-out. The product needed to be the same size as a business card, yet be playful enough to drive interaction with the brand through gamification.


Using one of our specialist skill sets - 'Custom Electronics Design and Build’ - we designed a printed circuit board business card. The rear of the PCB has personal details, image and a QR link to the company website, while the front features a fully functioning game of Tetris. The design includes an LED matrix screen and controller buttons so that clients and their prospects are able to enjoy a game on the tiny card.


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