Interactive Food Lockers Electronics Design, Development and Installation


The delivery of cooked food is more popular than ever, and the pandemic has seen supply driven by convenience and ease of access. We worked with a restaurant meal distributor and a London based product design studio, to help their vision for food lockers become a reality.


Solder designed, developed, and installed the electronics for the food lockers, and the system was designed to be modular for the future addition of extra units. They run off either mains or battery power, to provide location flexibility for offices, street corners or festivals. We installed the first units, and ensured the system was designed to make it simple for the factory team to self-assemble future lockers.


Bespoke lockers enable people to access their meals by using an app. The user is notified with an alert, and told that their food has been delivered and is available for collection. As the app doesn’t need to be online to trigger the correct locker opening, users simply press a button on their phone to gain access to their meal.

To further aid this, the system works offline to help data management at difficult urban or remote locations. The food courier is able to obtain battery life, usage information and maintenance records on their phone, and use their connection to transmit data back to the central server.


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