Shaftesbury Seven Dials interactive Christmas lights


“70% of charities are reporting a decrease in the percentage of donations given in cash and 72% expect to use contactless payment systems in the near future”

With the rise in contactless payments charities need to be innovative with their fundraising methods to meet the needs of those contributing, you need to make the opportunity to donate accessible and easy to use.


Our brief was to explore how we could maximise and adapt our technology to drive donations. We worked with Seven Dials, Shaftesbury to build an interactive ‘Starry Night’ christmas light display that twinkled when contactless donations were made to Shelter via a ‘tap point’.


Solder built a bespoke electronics solution for Seven Dials, Shaftesbury which integrates with the Good Box charity contactless technology. We built a custom installation that triggered external peripherals, in this instance we used the magic of Christmas lights to encourage a greater amount of contactless donations, the lights would twinkle with each £3 donation for Shelter.

The Solder system enables charities and their agencies to build imaginative kiosks or installations which engage and encourage donations and also deliver a memorable reward experience.


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