Donation Boxes, Reimagined

Our expertise in creating custom hardware and electronics drives our ability to deliver creative and unique donation experiences with mechanical, lighting, video, audio effects and more.

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RNLI Modern Donation Box

Drawing on fifteen years of experience across product design, electronics, software, hardware and firmware design, and inspired by the RNLI’s top pedigree in donation experience, the Solder team designed, developed and built a new donation box experience for increasingly cashless donors.

Underpinned by our simple but powerful platform, these donation boxes hark back to their analogue predecessors, bringing that much-loved, delightful donation experience to new generation of supporters.

Prototypes are being tested across all key regions in early 2023.

3 animatronic Engagement Modes

  • Idle: familiar and engaging product design to attract passers-by
  • Plea: capture attention with lights and sounds triggered by infrared sensor
  • Thank you: reward donations with a gathering storm, rolling waves and the iconic sound of a pager alongside the lifeboat launch

Museum Donation Boxes

When developing new products and services, our human interaction design process has been key to achieving a 73% increase in donations with our DTV product range.

As well as designing our own products and services for the charity sector, such as the Mini DTV, we are also commissioned by charities to design and produce bespoke custom donation boxes. Our contactless and cash donation box was created for outside use at RNLI Museums.

Following a contactless donation the speech bubble illuminates to reveal the words ‘THANK YOU’. Creating a charming way of showing gratification.

We launched the first batch of these last year and due to its success, more are being installed this summer ‘24.

As a cause close to our hearts, we are very proud to be working with the RNLI.