Introducing: The DTV Mini

Boost donations by up to 73%* with our new smart donation box, the latest innovation in contactless giving

Project features

14 March 2024

  • Contactless Donation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Charity
  • Cost of Giving

* RNLI trials saw a 73% improvement using the DTV versus conventional contactless giving

Empowering Contactless Giving

At Solder Creative, we’re proud to unveil our newest addition to the GIVESENSE range: the DTV Mini. Designed with the aim of empowering charities to achieve contactless donations effectively, this innovative device combines cutting-edge technology with practicality and versatility.

Photo of the DTV Mini on a table, a person is tapping their debit card on the contactless reader to make a donation

Key features

  • 10.1” OLED Screen and PIR Sensor: With an impressive 10.1-inch OLED screen, 1920 x 1080 resolution and a PIR sensor, our donation box offers a captivating interactive and emotive experience for donors.
  • P66 Payter Payment Reader*: Facilitating seamless transactions, the P66 Payter payment reader ensures that donors can contribute easily and securely.
  • Highly Customisable and Flexible: Our donation box is highly customisable, allowing charities to adapt and tailor the content according to their specific campaigns and messaging needs.
  • Lightweight Yet Durable: Unlike traditional mechanical donation boxes, our DTV Mini donation box is lighter and easier to transport, without compromising on durability and impact.
  • Operates in Three Video Modes: From idle to attract and thank modes, our device provides charities with versatile options to engage donors effectively throughout their donation journey.
  • Donation.Tech platform: allows users to see transaction level data, monitor trends and update content on demand.

* Adaptations available for other Payment Readers

Image showing the different video states of the DTV Mini, in sequence these are Attract, Activate and Thank

Enhancing the Donor Experience

In contrast to the anonymity of conventional donation plinths, our DTV Mini donation box goes beyond a mere acknowledgement beep. Charities can utilise this platform to express genuine appreciation and reinforce donor affiliation through real-life stories and personalised messages.

Building on the success of other devices in the GIVESENSE range, our DTV Mini donation box has demonstrated remarkable outcomes. Previous implementations have resulted in a substantial 73% increase in contactless donations compared to traditional plinths.

Your Path to Increased Donations

Whether you’re a small local charity or a large non-profit organisation, our DTV Mini donation box offers a powerful solution to drive donations and make a meaningful impact in your community.

Close-up of DTV Mini donation box showing OLED screen and contactless payment reader

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Join us in our mission to empower charities and make a difference in the world, one donation at a time.


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