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Our one-day donor-centred-design workshop is designed to enhance your charity's contactless implementation strategy

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28 February 2024

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  • Digital Transformation
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Why Choose Donor Centred Design?

In today’s evolving charity landscape, contactless donations are overtaking cash as the go-to. But capturing the hearts and minds of donors in this digital age requires new levels of imagination and a thoughtful approach. That’s where our Contactless Donor-Centred-Design (DCD) workshops come in.

At Solder, we’ve spent the last five years crafting interactive technology solutions that revolutionise the contactless donation experience. Our focus? Putting the donor at the forefront of every design. From unmanned kiosks to manned collection points, we seamlessly integrate emotive interactions with contactless payment devices, such as PAYA and Goodbox.

What to Expect

Our one-day consultancy workshop is designed to enhance and maximise your charity’s contactless implementation strategy.

Attendance is priced at £900 - £3,600 (ex VAT).

Here’s a breakdown of the day:

  1. Discovery: Share your current contactless plan for review.
  2. Open Exploration: Dive into discussions and brainstorming sessions.
  3. Ideation: Explore innovative contactless ideas tailored to your charity’s needs.
  4. Recommendations: Receive actionable insights and strategies.
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The Solder Difference

Backed by our track record of award-winning interactive experiences, including a 73% increase in donations for the RNLI versus standard contactless, our workshops deliver measurable results. We provide a comprehensive post-workshop report and presentation, covering:

  • Review of your existing implementation
  • Quick wins to boost donations
  • Tailored recommendations and ideas
  • Summary of key takeaways

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Together, let’s make every donation count.


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