Dataiku / First Agency

Project features

  • Conference
  • Installations
  • Design
  • Development

Interactive conference game

Global AI company Dataiku wanted an intuitive and interactive way to kick-off their Annual Conference. In response to this we conceptualised a game that would use data as a key mechanic to drive intrigue, curiosity, and interaction with the audience of 1,000 people at the start of the event.

Project details

Working with the First Agency we proposed an idea to use the sound energy of the crowd to control a game on the large event screens. Rather than the user tapping the screen like the famous Flappy Bird game, we used the audio levels of the crowd to control the bird “Flo” to move up or down to miss the data silos. This involved the whole audience either clapping or cheering, being silent or anything in between to help “Flo” navigate her way through the three levels that lasted five minutes. In the true principles of AI, the audience improved their performance as they collaboratively worked out how to play the game.

A big thank you for bringing our vision to life with this one – it was a great partnership and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else we can do together

- Eleanor King - Event Producer

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