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  • Custom Electronics
  • Prototyping
  • Product Design

Empowering physical activity with innovative wearables

Solder Creative proudly collaborated with Playivity in a groundbreaking venture aimed at revolutionising children's physical activity. The project focused on the development of wearable devices designed to engage young children in active play while collecting valuable data for informed interventions. Solder's expertise in rapid prototyping and physical product development played a pivotal role in shaping the project's success.

Enhancing Playivity's Offering with Innovation

1. Rapid Prototyping Expertise:

Leveraging Solder’s rapid prototyping proficiency, the initial stages of the project were marked by swift ideation and prototyping. Solder’s ability to transform ideas into tangible prototypes accelerated the development process, ensuring a faster time-to-market for Playivity.

2. Advanced PCB Board Design:

Solder’s team integrated multiple features into the wearable device’s PCB board, future-proofing the technology. This strategic approach enabled seamless incorporation of programmable LEDs, a rechargeable battery, and a custom docking station. The integration of these features enhanced the device’s functionality and user experience.

3. Efficient Data Collection:

Solder implemented a data collection system that captured information in 1-minute slices. This approach minimised data transfer load, ensuring efficient processing and analysis of the collected data. The result was a streamlined, high-performance wearable, providing nuanced insights into children’s physical activities.

4. Innovative Temporary Casing:

Solder developed a custom temporary casing for immediate testing capability. This casing allowed Playivity to conduct essential testing phases promptly, facilitating rapid iterations and improvements based on real-world usage and feedback.

What’s Next? Continuous Refinement and Future Collaboration

The collaboration between Solder and Playivity doesn’t end here. Solder are committed to an ongoing partnership, dedicated to refining the concept further. Next, the teams will delve into the challenges faced during the initial phase. Solder’s experts will meticulously analyse the wearable’s performance, identifying areas for enhancement.

1. Feature Optimisation:

Solder and Playivity will collaborate to strip out extraneous features, focusing on enhancing the device’s core performance. This optimisation process is aimed at creating a sleeker, more efficient wearable, aligning perfectly with Playivity’s objectives.

2. Data Processing Precision:

Solder’s specialist will work closely with Playivity to refine data slicing and processing algorithms. The goal is to provide even more nuanced insights into children’s movements, enabling educators and parents to make data-driven decisions to promote active play effectively.

3. Engaging Play Post ‘Boop’ Concept:

Solder and Playivity will develop the innovative play post concept, encouraging children to engage actively with the wearable device. This ‘boop’ interaction will add a playful and interactive element, making physical activity not only beneficial but also enjoyable for young users.

Collaborative Success Story

The ongoing collaboration between Solder Creative and Playivity exemplifies the power of innovation and partnership. Solder’s expertise in rapid prototyping, advanced PCB board design, efficient data collection, and continuous refinement has contributed to the evolution of Playivity’s wearable devices. Together, the teams have created a cutting-edge solution that not only promotes active play among children but also sets new standards in data-driven interventions for healthier, happier lives.

Join us in transforming the future of children’s physical activity. Explore our collaborative journey with Playivity, where creativity meets innovation, and together, we empower the next generation.

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