How We Made Our Award-Nominated Audience Activation Game

In the dynamic landscape of conferences and events, interactive audience engagement has become the cornerstone of memorable experiences

Project features

13 October 2023

  • Event Technology Awards
  • Conference
  • Installations
  • Design
  • Development

Celebrating Innovative Engagement

In the dynamic landscape of conferences and events, interactive audience engagement has become the cornerstone of memorable experiences. The ability to captivate participants in a way that is both innovative and inclusive is paramount. Fresh from celebrating our nomination in two categories at this year’s Event Technology Awards, let’s delve into the intriguing world of interactive engagement, and take a closer look at why our ‘Flo’ Audio Engagement Game is so captivating.

A Solder technician working on the installation display

Idea to Execution

At Dataiku’s ‘Everyday AI London 2022’ Conference, Solder Creative and FIRST Agency embarked on an ambitious venture: the ‘Flo’ Audio Game. Inspired by the simplicity of ‘Flappy Bird,’ the concept was ingeniously adapted for real-time interaction. Initially conceived as a IR sensor and camera-based project, the team pivoted to an audio-based approach due to time and budget constraints. The game mechanics involved microphones strategically placed around the room, capturing the audience’s noise levels to guide Dataiku’s mascot, Flo, through a virtual landscape.

The game function flow and UX was initially storyboarded, with the core screens being designed for a basic prototype. This enabled the team and client to test usability and ensure the game flow and game prompts provided a fluid gaming experience.

The technical challenges were met using WebGL with creativity and precision. The development team meticulously tuned the gameplay, ensuring seamless execution. Real-time gradient effects, subtle text presentations, and adaptive algorithms were incorporated, transforming the concept into a functional, immersive experience with delightful animations.

A Solder technician installing equipment in the stage rigging

The future of audience engagement

The ‘Flo’ Audio Game stands as a testament to the fusion of creativity, collaboration, and technical finesse. This case study illuminates the essence of interactive engagement – an intuitive, inclusive experience that unites participants in a shared endeavour. As we reflect on this journey, it serves as a blueprint for future projects, emphasising the significance of user-centric design and the seamless integration of technology and creativity. In the ever-evolving landscape of interactive audience engagement, the ‘Flo’ Audio Game stands out as an incredible tool for unforgettable, collaborative experiences.

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